The history of Christof Maybach and his cigars goes deep into the roots of the Dominican Republic, one of the world's leading tobacco-growing regions.

Here, amidst the lush tobacco fields and surrounded by a centuries-old tradition of cigar cultivation, the journey of Christof Maybach Cigars began. With a select team of experienced tobacco farmers and rollers, Christof Maybach began to realize his vision of a new brand in the luxury segment. As with the Christof Maybach watches.

Hand rolled cigars

Our cigars are hand-rolled by experienced experts who master their craft with dedication and passion.

Quality & Exclusivity

Quality is our top priority - that's why we use only the best tobacco leaves to guarantee incomparable taste.

Best tobacco leaves

Each cigar is made from carefully selected tobacco leaves that have undergone years of maturation and perfection.


Decades of expertise in cigar making, you can rely on our products to give you unforgettable smoking moments.

Thanks to our extensive experience in cigar making, you can be sure that our products will give you unforgettable smoking moments.

Our cigars from the Dominican Republic are a true treasure for lovers of the luxury segment and proof that the time and dedication put into each product can make a difference. Immerse yourself in the world of Christof Maybach and experience the perfection of a hand-rolled, limited edition cigar - a pleasure that will never be forgotten.


Gentle 56


Medium Power


Dominican republic


165 mm

Ring gauge



Pig Tail / Hand rolled by experts

30,00 €

(plus 4,90€ shipping)

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